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  • Born in 2011, it is made for urban humans to face any challenge. A new and original project, thought and designed by Giovanni Chicco, guaranteed by 2 patents and whose licence has been consigned to Space 2000 Spa.

    AI Riders is a jacket for the inhabitants of the planet, devised to throw oneself into exploring the world. It changes colours, sounds, music, life. It remains intact in the face of all ethical and aesthetic threats.

  • The Italian fashion company, leaded by Giorgio Armani, was designing a new collection focused on a denim style in the Early 80’s: Armani Jeans. The elegance line that the Italian brand has followed since its beginnings is become fused, this time, with a casual and classic style of Armani Jeans

  • The energetic BOSS collection combines perfectly the masculine style with the most sportive and informal clothing lines. In the Boss line by Hugo Boss, you will find a more varied collection of casual clothes for men, Chinese with bright colors and classic polos, slippers and parkas with a sporty design and all with the quality, innovation and design of the Hugo Jefe brand.

    Buy the best items from Hugo Boss in our exclusive fashion store for men in Tenerife, René Jr.

  • CP Company is a weaving workshop focused on production and design of sports clothing. With more than 25 years in the professional sector, CP Company brings about all its making process very precise due to the innovation in every design. The most important creation of this firm was the famous Millemilla Goggle Jacket in the late 90’s.

  • Dr. Martens’ appeal to people who have their own individual style but share a united spirit – authentic characters who stand for something. People who possess a proud sense of self- expression. People who are different.

    On a stylistic level, Dr. Martens’ simple silhouettes allows their wearers to adopt the boots and shoes as part of their own individual and very distinctive style; on a practical level, their famous durability and comfort make them ideal for the unforgiving world of gigs and street fashion; and then finally on an emotional level, they are a badge of attitude and empowerment.

    However, it wasn’t always this way: Dr. Martens were originally a modest work-wear boot that was even sold as a gardening shoe at one stage. So, how did this utilitarian boot transform into one of the most culturally relevant brands of the modern era? It is an interesting and unique story...

  • Napapijri's collection blends the brand’s heritage and its future positive attitude by playfully exploring the possibilities of present trends.
    From superlight jackets to supersoft tracksuits, from elegant knitwear to sporty fleeces, all the way to scarves and hats, this collection is energised by warm colours, styled in premium fabrics, and completely fur- and down- free. A feast for the eyes, the senses, and the soul.

  • The brand People of Shibuya, designs and manufactures technical outerwear that will not compromise on style and fine tailoring. The persistent technological research integrates the most advanced solutions with impeccable fit, thus ensuring outstanding comfort in all settings both business and outdoors. Modular and versatile garments to meet the needs of modern man who wants to rediscover the values f aesthetic timeless elegance in its history and attention to detail by discovering new convenience through innovative features. People of Shibuya clothing is designed as reliable companions, flexible and durable ready for the dynamic journey of every day life.